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Thread: Hey all!

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    Hey all!

    Hey all! Creeped around here a few times figured it's time to join.

    My background: started in packaged ice industry and moved on to where I am presently, working on the industrial side of a res/com/ind HVAC plumbing electrical company.

    What I do: spend most of my time around chillers, cooling towers, air handlers, MUAH, package units, etc.. (by no means am I an expert haha)

    What I like working on: big broken messed up machines. I enjoy fabricating, staring, measuring with my thumb, hitting stuff with hammers, flooded machines, and filthy greasy burned up junk.

    What I don't like working with: sheet metal

    I would love to work on truck reefers and towboats

    Everyone be safe out there!

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    welcome aboard
    It`s better to be silent and thought the fool; than speak and remove all doubt.

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    Thank you

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