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Roberts went out of way to clarify the penalty as a tax. Its the only reason why it got through the court.

The Supreme Court was not presented with this case as a tax. Even obama and his crew have denied it as a tax for years.

Roberts made the interpertation as a tax program himself which can be interpeted as constitutional.

Problem is, who you gonna complain to if the top court does wrong.

It's all up to us people to put in place a President that does represent us to the best of his/her ability and to follow the Constitution. And with that in place the President can eliminate this monster and put in place something realistic.

Yea I know he seemingly burned the citizens of the country that respect the Constitution.

The discussion to what Roberts actual intentions were is all academic. Its worth the effort to try to at least apply some objective reasoning as to why he did it.

Its hard to believe he turned on his ideology at the time when this Country needed an objective assesment of the Constitution the most.

Especially after the Citizens United.

If he did this to preserve the integrity if the court as nonpolitical. To prove that he can intrept the constitution without applying a political slant then he's worthless.