In the HVAC service business since 1972 which doesn't mean squat other than I’ve seen lots of changes. I remember when R-12 was $0.89/lb RETAIL price to the customer. Why fix a leak?
My employer, residential/light commercial service, made me take a factory correspondence course that had good fundamentals and theory. When I successfully completed it he gave me a raise and more factory training.
He was the guy that placed me on a path to success.
There weren’t many vocational training places out there at the time and I didn’t realize what he was doing for me. Worked my way up in the company to service manager…a young guy telling the ‘old guy’s’ what to do.
I don't make a good employee so went into business, Commercial, Industrial, Intuitional HVAC Service in 1984 which I sold several years later. Went into Facility work in semiconductor manufacturing. Served my time as a Facility Engineer and in 1998 went back into business as a service contractor.
I’ve lived the change from an electro-mechanical/pneumatic controlled world into the DDC/Microprocessor controlled world.
Guess what? The principles are the same.
I’ve lived the regulatory changes in the industry when I started there was no such thing as EPA or OSHA regulations or in my state of residence, Licensing. Yes, I do wear my safety toe boots and glasses and do not vent like we used to when R-12 was used as a propellant in a spray paint can.
Do I need to continue and grow as the industry changes, yes I do. I ‘work on all brands’ so there is no manufacturers representative that has any special allegiance to me or my company. Information can be hard in coming for support in what I try to do for the customer so I see an industry forum as a resource….another tool in the tool box.
I also want to give back to an industry that is a GREAT industry and has treated me very well. We will see how it goes.
They are phasing out R-22, the rifle