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    Could be as simple as air bypassing the coil. Sloppy install.
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    Put your temperature probe between the coil and blower. Look for a significant difference between that and the supply air.

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    Had the same thing just the other day

    Quote Originally Posted by 0351 View Post
    Hi Guys,

    Can't wrap my head around something for some reason today, any ideas.

    With good subcooling (14) and superheat (13) and good airflow (350 per ton verified) what could be the cause of a low split? (13)

    entering wet bulb 65
    return air 75
    supply 62
    all taken at unit.

    I considered a restriction in the evap coil/metering dervice (TXV) but superheat should have been lower (coil) or higher (TXV) and pressure were close to normal 345/120.

    Cond. delta t was 10, ambient 95.

    I can see there is a problem but what I'm just not seeing.
    I replaced the TXV & Filter/Dryer and blew nitro through both ways. No change. Found out it was compressor with valves going bad.

    Hope this helps.
    Can someone please explain to me -
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