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    to clarify my situation. ( why bother )

    i have a 4 yr old and a 2 yr old. i live two miles from the mississippi, and i am a service tech, (on call alot)

    the pool cost a hundred bucks from a customer, i thought i would try it. i would like to get a boat, but i really like the idea of being able to get home from work and jump in the pool with the girls for an hr or so. if it works i will check into an in ground pool. (one step at a time) and i live in iowa so nothing but nice soft black dirt!!

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    I have a 18 ftr. that I bought for the grandkids and this old kid when I'm mowing grass or gardening. I use the floating chlorinator and threw away my cover. I put water hose in it when the water gets too hot. Also an aerator came with it and I use it to keep the water temp down a little.

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