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    High Velocity vs. Traditinal

    Hello Forum. I'm buying a new house. The house is about 100 years old, and has the traditional radiators for heating, and no A/C. The house is about 4000 Sqf on two main floors, a finished basement, and a third floor suite. I want to install a highly efficient heating and cooling system. In my current house I had this done last year. I installed a traditional duct system with two zones. It works great, but all the ducts take up quite a bit of space. Now I'm thinking that maybe I should install the high velocity system instead since this require less space for ducts. For me the most important thing is that I get the best and most energy efficient system out there. What should I chose? What are the pros and cons with the different systems?

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    Most efficient would be:

    Modulating/condensing boiler for the heat and domestic hot water.

    Ductless for the a/c.

    I know there are high velocity systems out there that are trouble free, I just haven't run across one yet.

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