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    Testo combustion analyzers 330 and 327

    I have used the Testo 330-1 meter before and liked it. Ive looked up Testo meters and found a big price difference between the 330-1 and the 327-1 ( 327 is about half the price ). could anyone tell me the major difference between the two? I would hate to buy the cheaper one and find its much different to the 330-1 features. thank you

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    I'm going from memory here...
    The 330 has a graph for a display to show you roughly where you're at in the combustion scale (too rich, too lean etc). Also you can hook it up to a computer and download the readings also.

    Aside from that I think they are basically the same unit. I have the 327 and I really like it. I do wish I had the computer abilities of the 330, but I can get around it for now.
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