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    Quote Originally Posted by wolfstrike View Post
    so about 4 years ago , my tonsils , which i've always had problems with, ballooned, and i prepared myself to have a cold for a few days.
    but the cold never came.
    after my tonsils ballooned a couple of more times, with some pain, i decided to book an appointment with a quack.

    the guy practically laughed me out of the office, said my tonsils were inflamed but they don't take tonsils out anymore, so it's "normal"


    i had an episode where after i ate one day , my chest hurt and the left side of my body went numb, i wasn't able to breathe normally.
    i went to the hospital , they took chest xrays, throat xrays, but told me it was nothing.
    i said "how did the xrays turn out?"
    they told me they lost them. i figured it was something serious


    after a couple of years i started getting pains in my throat area.
    i had to go to a company physical, so i asked that doctor about it ,he said i should have my tonsils removed.


    after another couple of years, the pain migrated to the top of my stomach, and it seems my lungs are very slightly irritated.
    i also started to get weird breathing episodes when i sleep

    so i went to a clinic and told them i would like to get some answers for this.

    they told me , don't worry, they've seen this before and they can fix it.

    he put me on some pills, which i had an allergic reaction to , and after a month or so i had the same problems.

    i went back and said "i don't think this is working", he said sorry, there's nothing he could do.


    so...knowing what i do...that the health care industry is completely worthless, i decided i needed to figure this out for myself.

    they told my cousin ,years ago, not to drink soda because it was tearing up his stomach.
    buit when i asked about it they told me that doesn't happen

    one day i stumbled across an article that said Mormons don't drink things with carbonation.
    i said "Now there's something!"
    i figured there had to be a good reason

    i drink Pepsi One/Pepsi Max/ Pepsi no cal.
    they have no sugar and usually no caffeine

    i also stumbled across something that said i was way over the averages of people who drink a lot of soda.

    so , since Gatorade upsets my stomach, i decided to buy that sugar lemonade crap, and lay off the soda for a while.

    after being off soda for about 4 days i had another glass and it burned my throat all the way down to my stomach.

    i've been on antibiotics for a week, and after the first day the pressure left my chest, which was persistent for 3 months.
    i'm trying to avoid the carbonation and i'm felling much better.

    the moral of the story is , they talk about the sugar and the caffeine, but i think the carbonation is the real danger.
    ..and oh yeah...don't listen to these quacks and their flavor-of-the-month drugs
    What you eat/drink can really Affect your health. Check this out:
    “Engineers like to solve problems. If there are no problems handily available, they will create their own." Scott Adams

    "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."
    Albert Einstein

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    Its not the carbonation or the sugar or the caffeine you should worry about. You should worry about the Aspartame and the GMO high fructose corn syrup. Genetically modified food and is going to cook our goose. Many countries are banning it but not America...
    America; first we fight for our freedom,
    then we make laws to take it away.

    -Alfred E Newman

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    juices is the way to go. I agree cranberry is good for you. all the neo cons rolled back the regs on everything during the bush era , and voila, Americans been paying out more health care since.
    For example, Rumsfeld was a major stockholder in aspartame and sugar substitutes, which is merely brain cancer in a candy form.
    splenda etc;
    lots of profiteering going on in that admin, its no wonder fear propaganda is used to deter people from helping the feds to protect the people from conservative corporatism. IMHO

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