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    Centrivac refrigerant removal

    Removing r11 from Trane Centrivac with push pull machine. Need to know where all service ports are. Machine has already been removed from its original location. No power to chiller

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    Do u have the IOM , u will get the gas vapor/ liquid from the evap and the gas / liquid from the condenser,.Why do u have to remove the gas, how long has machine been sitting? I am thinking a new has been installed And u are tring to scrap?
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    bottom of the evap is a service valve 3/8..1/2 can't remember holding most of the freon very dorment just laying inside the barrel.just pull vacs on the 275lb recovery or 50s whatever and suck the liquid out.when your down to gas onlly recover the unit from the same'll need adapters for hoses to get on to the servcie valve..also might consider pressurizing with nitro on top of the condenser..rumor had it years ago charges were twice the tonnage....and they alway leaked probably was leaking as it was being removed and trucked
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