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    If i had install a icm board on a condensing unit by cutting into L1 to L1 on the icm board and to one leg of power to the condensor fan cut the second lead from the condensor fan and sent it to the motor term. and connected L2 of the icm board to L2 of power. This whole circuit should not bother the compressor should it? This is in regards to a ductless split.
    What i explain was a hard wire which would mean my fan cycle would contiune to runn all the time. Now if i put L2 to T@2 on the compresor this would only allow my fan cyle when there is a call for cooling, Right?

    Reason for this question was i had a system freeze up in a big block of ice and want to know if this had anything to do with it.

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    The low ambient control should not affect the compressor. The condenser fan should not run when the compressor is off. The evaporator might be freezing up if the ICM is not modulating. It is designed to lower the speed of the condenser fan motor so your pressure will not drop too much. If it is cold out, it will turn the condenser fan motor slowly or off completely. Verify you are getting modulation. The fan will run slower and the yellow led on the ICM will be on. If it does not modulate, check your sensor and check the heat pump select jumper. If the heat pump select jumper is in the wrong position, you would get full speed fan operation ( like for heat operation) no matter what the temperature sensor is reading.

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