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    Goodman Strikes Again

    Take a no cooling call 2 weeks ago to find a blown run capacitor. Replace Cap and check refrigerant charge only to find it 8 lbs low or R410a. Locate the leaks in the lower portion of the evap coil. Advise customer, Charge unit and order new coil. I go today to replace the coil that has been ordered for 2 weeks (the 1st one had been repaired at the factory and it was not pretty. I sent it back). As I am working I spotted the major Kink in the liquid line..... A factory Bend! Need a little QC!!

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    Kink doesnt look to bad from that angle, they need quality before they can have quality control. Trying to hold it in, but have replaced to many fairly new goodman evap and condenser coils.

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