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Thread: My Power Bill

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    I'm in the same boat. $650.00 last month... Time to junk the half Gooman/Bryant HP's, ductwork seal, and BTW how do you make a mini-split completely cycle on and off?

    Already turned down the water heater, shortened pool run times and got rid of those messy cracks in the return plenums

    How much are your rates James. .14/kwh here.

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    When I get time from the job

    My entire system comes out. Upgrading to 13 SEER or higher.

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    Originally posted by James 3528
    Oh my god!

    Never really thought about the satellite TV boxes that much until now. Don't know how much stand by power they use but the ones I have use over 100 watts when on. In case you don't know, they never really turn off. You can't turn them off.

    I have shut down some outdoor lighting. The most painful thing I found was a window up a couple of inches in the back bedroom.

    In fall this 1/2 Rheem 1/2 York heat pump as well as the duct system is history. The computers are turned off when not used. I walked around the house looking for things plugged in with little red lights on not being used, battery chargers and transformers. It is amazing. Trashed the 5 year old shrimp and junk in the freezer in the garage and shut it down and turned down the water heater.
    Sounds like you "Apollo" That thing down. "Let's run it again fellows. We have to get out with 13 amps"

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    I am waiting on the Rheem 18 SEER with the 2 speed compressor

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    Barrie, Ontario

    Sign of the times...

    0.1190/Kwh up here

    My last hydro was $151.09 cdn with six occupants and 5 major appliances (furnace, DHW, dryer, BBQ, stove) on gas.

    No, it's not stupid to run around the house turning off lights, etc. I have 44 mini-flos in this house. The rest are cosmetic or work related.
    Is this a Fabreze moment? C.Y.D. I'm voting white elephant. 2.
    My competition are my best salespeople!

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    I replaced almost all my lights with compact flash - just make sure they are 4100kelvin. The 4100k is a true white light, if you use the 6500k it is a blue light and tends to make people depressed studies have found.

    I put in the new high eff. heat and air system but still am waiting for the utility bill for this month which is a full month of use; that will be the test.

    My rates are .07 per KW on the summer rate and .07 for the first 600KW then .052 for the remaining on the winter rate so the heatpump should be the bomb this winter! Our winters around here have been mild; the coldest we have gotten in recent years is about zero.

    I tenatively expect to see my bill at the 100 mark if my research and calculations are correct and useage of approx. 1450KW for the month.

    I also leave the computer on all the time as well as the porch light and cieling fans, T.V. runs an average of 16hrs a day as the mom in law is here watching it when no one is home to aggrevate! I also keep the stat set at 76 and the system cycles normally in the 105 degree heat! Even with all that I have the $100 bill, I can't complain.


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    "I don't care what you could get it off the net for, they wont warranty it and neither will I"!

    And if you don't like my "flat rate up front pricing" try and negotiate the price on that big mac you just bought pricing is exactly the same method!

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    shhhhhhhhhhhh!Don't tell!I put two very large maganets on the meter box when I use the welder....haha!
    Take your time & do it right!

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    It's so nice to have a utility that runs hydro...

    Our rate for summer is $.06 per KwH. But then again, our avearge high this year is under 80F... No real need for the AC.

    I think our last Pac Power Bill was $43 US... And thats because I turned on the AC on a few 105F days we had. I still dont understand why we sell AC's? But I'll keep on selling and installing them.

    Then again, Dont ask what it is in the Heating season, but it is nowhere near some of the silly bills I saw here ($650?!?!?!)

    Temperate climates are great for people, lousy for HVAC business though.

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