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Thread: Medical bennies

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    Being self employed and a little tired of where I live I decided to re-activate my online resume on HVAC Agent site to see what I kind of offers I might get from Florida. I did get a couple of good starting wage offers, but when I inquired about health benefits it seems that everyone is only willing to pay half of the employees cost of health bennies and the employee has to pay the full cost of a family plan. That really wacks the hell out of any good starting wage. I'm not looking to start another long thread bad mouthing Florida as has already been done in here. I'm just curious to know if this is the way all companies are going in all states?

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    When you were self employed what were you doing? You saw the cost of insuring your family. At rraising health care costs, a lot of shops are lowering what they pay.

    Think about it , take a guy with a wife and 3 kids. Should they pay all of their insurance too when they could hire a single guy and just have to pay his insurance and not 4 other people........ Its only fair that you pay part of who is not working for him even if it only gets your family a lower rate being its a group policy.

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    dec, I see your point and understand it. When I was in the military I didn't think it to be right that a married guy got more pay (allowances) than a single guy doing the same job at the same level. But my question was meant not to debate as to right and wrong, but, merely, to get a feel as to the current trend and what is to be expected if I seriously decide to give up being self employed.
    Personnally, I wish companies never offered medical benefits to employees. I feel that this was the beginning of our current extreme health care costs when people thought that they were getting their medical care for next to nothing by way of their job benefits. If people always had to pay in full out of pocket then competition and market forces would've helped keep prices affordable for nearly everyone.
    Again, the purpose of this thread was to just to find out what to expect back in the current job market.

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    join the UA. company pays for your bennies.

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