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    I'm looking for a bare bones WPTech 5.8 application for a MNL-V2RV3 with a MN-S3 sensor. Only need to control air flow (Max, Min, RhMin) and a reheat valve. The canned programs are a nightmare and have everything you may ever need out of a vav. Unfortunately I'm the only one here that can understand it. I can spend a day or two cleaning it out and making sure it works, but I'm sure someone has already invented that wheel.

    Here at The University of Alabama we don't need all the junk that is in the program. Morning warmup is called "Sunrise". Pb Override is called "pre-planning with Energy Management". Heat disable is called "Never because the humidity is 1000000%". And Cooling disable is called "January".

    Anybody got anything?


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    I had a guy ask me last week for a light switch to turn on his chiller plant.

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