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Thread: Control Problem

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    Confused Control Problem

    Hello everybody,

    I experience a control problem with Bacnet protocol. This is what I got.

    5 storage building with at least 10 VAV boxes per floor. Each VAV box is daisy chain to a Master and each floor Master is daisy chain with next floor down. This goes down the first floor where there is Bacnet control protocol connected to desk top computer. Computer with graphics help to see actual temp and mode. My problem is the 1st Floor. The computer shows the graphics, but doesn't show any temp points or Mode for each VAV box.

    What could the problem here?

    I check every VAV box solid state control board and I didn't see any error base on signal lights (green or red lights). There are two lights on the board one for power and the other one for transmission. Both are green. (Solid green for power and intermittent green for transmission).

    I hope you guys could help me.

    Thank you in advance for your time.

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    What? Who? Where?
    What system?

    kontrol out
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    The System is Multizone unit with double duct system and reheat coil.

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    Brand and model of the controllers will help. Each manufacture has their own way of doing things. The individual controllers should be capable of running in stand alone mode. From the vague and generic information it sounds like a comm issue with your front end.

    Like anything in life, more details = better feed back.

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