Any fellow chiller guys, we have service simplifaction coming WTF we were told by James Myle--tt that we wernt making money in chiller department, our branch tells us chillers is the only one making money. Why would you want to change what aint broke... I have heard that james is going to other branches saying the other branches are ok with it... If your branch is already trying this please let us know how it works. If you know a jci chiller tech call him and ask about this crap and post what he says please. I just want the truth cleared up.. They say we complain to much about it, they take are pasion for what we do as whinning, THIS IS OUR BREAD ON THE TABLE. That's why we dont want change that will spin this company even further out of control. Just like nxgen that doesnt work. ISP vendor that is supposed to make it easier doesnt work. Service simplifaction will waste millions more.