Can someone please explain to me the operation of the purge unit. Still kind of new with chillers. I get what the purge's purpose is, but still have a few unanswered questions.

Does the Filter Core house just water? Or water and refrigerant?

How does one know whether there is water in it? I see the sightglass, but don't know if that's liquid refer or water.

How does one go about draining the water in the purge unit?

Why does my liquid temp stay at 70deg F and my suction continue to steadily drop until there is a bit of frost on the compressor suction side?

Should the Filter core container be pressurized, because when I press the depressor on it, all that comes out is an alcohol watery looking substance with no pressure behind it? I have to physically pull out the schrader valve in order for it to stop leaking the watery substance.

I know the purge unit is supposed to pump air/water out of the chiller. If it is pumping air out, will the sightglass bubble?

How do I know if the purge unit is pumping out either air or water?