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Thread: Filter dilemma

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    Sorry for another filter question but this is tough. With my old furnace it had a opening in the wall for a 20 by 25 filter. With the new one they installed another intake in a room that needed it that is about the same size as a register. The unit has a Honeywell 16 by 25 5 inch filter mounted in the unit. The problem is where my larger intake is, it is now getting covered inside on the material that lines it with dust and is really looking bad.
    Can I take out the Honeywell and put something like a merv 8 disposable in the grill again and get one of the merv 4 cutaway filters to size it and out it in the register intake. Less filtering but at least my larger intake will not get filty. Thank you.

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    Filtering at the grill may make you feel better but any leakage in the return ducts have a free shot at your system. The filter is there to protect the equipment and to some degree help clean your air. Besides, once the filter was installed at the unit, any dust that collected in the duct system will now be between your filter and the old one.

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    Many/most Pros here will tell you not to run two filters. I run two filters at home and on every piece of equipment we install that came supplied with one... for the very reason you mention. The reason it is looked down on is it restricts airflow, which is true if your filter grille is not size properly.

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