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    So I'm starting to get into more outdoorsy stuff and I'm going to various sites. I came across these pics. Anybody hook fish this size or bigger. Seems it would be impossible to reel them in to the beach like these guys did.

    Big Fish

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    have never caught anything that big from the beach. main thing with beach fishing is to tire the big ones out and use the waves to bring it in. those things were friggin monsters!! one main advantage those guys had was the stand up fighting rigs they had, leveredge is everything.

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    I used to commercial fish in the gulf over here on Florida's side. We would catch red grouper, black grouper, nassau grouper, mutton snapper and on and on with an average of 40-50 pounds. One night we set over some giant hooks with an undersized grouper that was dead as bait on them hook thom 5/8 polyrope. I snag a jewfish (the correct term) that we needed to use the hydraulics to bring it in. When we go it back to the dock they weighed it in at a whopping 1292 pounds. That's not the largest ever caught (1800+) but damn big fish. It's mouth was so big it could swallow a man whole (no kidding)

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    I caught a 275lb Blue Marlin, It gave fishing a whole new meaning for me.

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    That's nuckin futz! I'd sh*t myself if I pulled in anything half that size!

    Wow, just wow!
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    Just a question. What's a good starting setup for fishing? Mainly lake and river, but want it to last if I go to the salt.

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    You see them jewfish when we scuba dive. The look like a big cow in the field when they are on the bottom.

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    One of my favorite diving stories involves a grouper......

    I got certified with my sign painter buddy. He and his wife were staying at a tropical resort and every morning would snorkel out "By the big rock for Grouper Therapy". They would go hang out with this 300lb grouper, who was near tame, then go out for breakfast at the Hotel. And blab about their big fish buddy. He was there 2 mornings in a row, then on day 3 he had vanished. "Thats too bad meester" the waiter said. That evening the special was Grouper at the restaraunt. They sure felt stupid for their big mouths but said he tasted damn good.......
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