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    I just purchased a newer house (two years old)and would like to ask the pro's a few questions about the HVAC system. First some specs:

    2500 sf two story located in Omaha, NE with the following hvac specs:

    Trane Heat Pump: MOD XR11 2TWR1048A1000AB
    Trane Furnace: MOD VX80 TUD120R9V5K3
    Trane Comfort Coil MOD TXC061C5HPCO
    Zoning Controller Byrant
    Thermostat Bryant Zone Perfect Plus Thermostat
    Remote Termostat (up) Says "Evolution" on it. (sensor)

    System works well without any known problems.

    Specifically I want to ask being it is a newer home:

    1. Should I have a hvac service company come and inspect it to ensure it is running at it's best? What will they do exactly? e.g. clean A coil, check pressures, etc.

    2. Outside of ensuring fins are debris free and regular filter changes is there anything else a home owner can do to provide homeowner level maintence?

    3. I have educated myself enough on this website to come to the conclusion that hvac is both and art and a science. With that being said is the set up I have mated appropriately (Installation was conducted by a reputable company here in Omaha)? I am somewhat concerned/mistified why they went Bryant on the controller/thermostat. Is there a better controller and thermostat that would make it work to its fullest level of performance?

    4. Looking at the dip switches on the contoller I noticed that it is on the "1-2 stage heat" versus the "3 stage". If I am correct shouldn't this be set at "3 stage" because the HP + VX80 = 3 stages of heat (unless maybe the thermostat is only two stage heat)?

    5. Does this setup have a TXV? I understand that this is a good thing based on my novice assessment while lurking on this forum.

    I value all your professional responses. These reponses will help me make a mental checklist to go over when selecting an HVAC company to regularly service my system.

    Thank you.

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    I think it's a good to have a check up twice a year,before each heating and cooling season.A check should include pressure check ,amp draws on all motors,oiling motors{once a year),tempature drop & superheats,cleaning of coils,&integrity of ducts.As a homeowner you can visibly check condenser coils & use a water hose to clean if it needs it.I don't think the controls are going to make a big differance in performance.I'm not sure if that furnace has three stages.I'd be more concerned about the 4 ton condenser on a 5 ton evaporator if you have high humidity in your part of the country.I'm pretty sure that evaporator has a factory installed TXV,I don't think I have ever seen a 5 ton Trane evaporator without one.

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    make sure you have CO detectors in the home. no matter hoe new the equipment is, things happen.

    the sleeping area would be the most important.

    and as said above, have it inspected twice annually to ensure safety and reliability.

    good luck in your new home.

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