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    Originally posted by nina
    thermo keeps system from starting except these 1 second events are problematic.
    So are you saying that a .5 second drop out the compressor would start right back up?
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    so whats the problem again? the condenser which operates at around 220, and is on a seperate breaker than the furnace is drawing high amps on second stage and instead of just tripping the breaker is shutting off all the lights is that correct or am i just lost

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    I agree with the above question. What exactly is the problem? Furnace acting up or condensing uni acting up?

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    you need to be reading the operating voltage for the unit.
    then compare it to the nameplate voltage, most likely 230volt, maybe 208- 230v.

    usually appliances are rated +10% -15%

    is her house on a stand-alone pwr co transformer? if not, are the neighbors having the same experience?

    is new unit bigger?
    what is the FLA of the nameplate?
    what is the size of the wire?
    is any part of the wire in the attic?

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    bgrich2003 wrote:
    >so whats the problem again?

    think separately these items:

    * main feed to panel (house, not just the Trane but all circuits) experiences a voltage drop
    * instead of staying down, since the event duration is just one second, everything that was on, comes back on, including but not limited to the Trane system
    * had the event been of greater duration (I've seen blackouts that lasted several minutes) the thermostat would have delayed compressor startup but does not do so for a one second blackout

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