I am about to replace my old central HVAC units with the Carrier Greenspeed (FE4 handlers, 25VNA heat pumps, SYSTX controls). Since I have two systems for my home, this is going to be a major investment. Needless to say I want to make sure installation goes smoothly and configuration is done properly and optimally. My installer has commissioned half a dozen such systems so I feel fairly confident about their (the company's) experience. However, I would still like to hear from the pros here about their experiences with installing and setting up these systems. As the homeowner, what should I pay particular attention to during the installation process as well as the initial few days of operation?

During my research, I have read that since the Greenspeed equipment is full of electronics, it is particularly sensitive to power quality. I have asked my electrician to install a whole-house surge protector at the main panel. However is there more that can/should be done to protect the equipment? Anything else I should do in preparation?

Thanks. I look forward to comments/suggestions.