First off let me just say that I know nothing about JCI hardware or software. I have no formal training and I am just stumbling my way through this.

I have a large number of dx-9100s and VMA 1400s in my facility and years ago before my time here the main JCI computer with all the backups died.

So now I went and purchased all the neccessary hardware and software in order to backup my facility in case of catastrophic failure.

I know how to connect to the DX-9100s and I am able to upload the programming and the calibration from them to my computer.

I was going along fine on my NAE01 and then I got to my NAE02 which has two trunks on it.

For my NAE01 I was using the nameing format DC-NAE#-Address.DXS
so for example it would like something like DC-01-01.DXS

Now with my NAE02 I need a way to distinguish between trunks 1 and 2.

So my question is what is the correct nameing format so that my GX9100 stops telling me "the above file name is invalid"?