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Thread: Rheem size?

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    I'm looking for a size on a Rheem AC Unit, racc-042jas.

    I saw the previous post about the Lennox unit and from looking at that I'm assuming that if Rheem uses somewhat similar numbering that its a 3 or 3.5 ton unit?

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    Lennox is one of the most confusing manufacturers out there for those that do not deal with their equipment on a regular basis. They are very protective of their dealers and proprietary information.

    The 042 Rheem is a nominal 3.5 ton condenser. Depending on the coil and indoor blower installed with it the total capacity will be a range (just picking numbers to illustrate - 39k to 42k BTU range). The sensible and latent load split of the matchup will also vary depending on the other components the condenser is matched up with.

    It can get confusing choosing the best equipment combination to satisfy each customers comfort needs. You and your neighbor across the street may have identical houses. Only difference in the structure and building envelope being the direction the front door faces. Compass direction added to different personal usage needs could mean system sizes completely different.

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    yep 3.5 ton. A ton of cooling is measured at 12,000 btus. So most model #'s have a number like 36 in it for 3 tons & yours is 42 which you divide by 12 & it gives you 3 1/2.
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