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    I wanter from a 9" to a 10' blower wheel in my air conditiomer. It works great in the summer. The window shades are flappen. I have ac from home depot, The doors want to close, the ceiling fans are turning backwards. Not worth a crap during the winter. I just moved out of a traier house. Is this house too big for me.

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    O Roy,

    Your post has confussed me.

    Could you be more specific. I understand you have just moved in to a house from a trailer.

    Did the trailer have a swamp cooler and now you have an air conditioner.

    Why did "you" change your blower from 9 ince to 10 inch and are you okey with flapping window shades?

    Are you a DIY or a contractor. Did a contractor do this too you or did you do it to yourself?

    More info, more info... the whole story please.
    Still Crazy after all these years.

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    Good one Roy, hooked you at least one sucker!

    Good? Bad? I'm the guy with the gun.

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