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    The last tech couldnt find the problem.

    all i can say on this job was wow.

    previous home owner installed his own heat pump to save money. so that why it has 2 filter driers.

    im betting 30' of uninsulate suction line out side, no disconnect or straps.

    now, the wire has been spliced so for this heat pump black was not common, it was brown, that spliced into a tan wire.

    home owner stated the last company was out, new stat, new contactor but could not find why the out door unit did not work.

    also they guy who changed the contactor wired in a short so when the common was fixed, by by 20 year old transformer, no fuse protection.

    nothing like 3 hours of chasing wires down.

    oh the best one, they installed a new programmable stat (honey well from lowes) and never set it up for heat pump.

    oh what fun. this is one of those the current home owner bought a house from a do it yourselfer to save money guys. they are not to happy.

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    Funny home owners! I ran a call for no ac today, got there the customer told me he went to school for hvacr, and knows how to do it but didnt know what was wrong with his ac, hardly ever gets used he said. Well the system was out of refrigerant, found the leak at the evap where the cap tubes rubbed together (lennox never separates their cap tubes or zip ties them together to prevent this problem). So I removed the evap brazed up the leak evacuated the system to 350 microns recharged the system, verified proper operation, the customer said so this will be around $200-$300? Well with the price of r-22 and being that this is a 4 ton system you will have close to $200 in refrigerant not counting labor.

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