I did my research before I started working for this company and everyone recommended them, it's coming up on three years and I'm embarrassed by what a see at work on just about a weekly basis. This is a shop that didn't even know about superheat and subcool until I started there but little did I know it was much worse... All of these pictures are from our jobs and everyone of these is good customer who pays on time.

We installed the indoor unit and "charged" the unit. It was lbs over charged with 30*subcool, no superheat and this was how the disconnect was left.
Attachment 272251
This is the boss's son who installed this one, no disconnect, hadn't rubbed through the coating yet
Attachment 272261
"serviced" bi-annually
Attachment 272271Attachment 272281
Control board we "installed" fell out when I opened the panel.
Attachment 272291
4 month old motor, set screw never installed.
Attachment 272311
Commercial account that had maybe 75 units and all the blower wheels looked like this, 1in3 were overcharged and running no superheat
Attachment 272321
This customer paid for a gas valve, inducer motor and box the inducer mounts on because of rust and failure... No one checked the heat exchanger
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If I took a picture of every occurrence I would have easily a couple hundred by now, just of my company. I let my boss know each time without being rude or accusatory and he just doesn't seem to care. I hope to open my own business in the next few years because I get tired of seeing hard working people who don't know any better get hack work that they pay a premium for, in some cases like the wire run straight into the unit the customer will actually get charged for a disconnect and liquid tight because my boss will say that it was put in the same way as the old one or that those codes didn't exist when the unit was installed... In 2009! I keep my head down and try to do good work on my jobs but it was finally too much so I turned here to get it off my chest.