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    I am in the process of building a house in central Ohio and have decided to go with geothermal system. I have gotten two quotes but one has a single speed compressor and the other is a dual capacity. Is one better than the other and if so, why? Both dealers sell WaterFurnace brands. One is the E058 and the other is E060, both 5 ton.


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    Part load operation afforded by a two speed unit can improve humidity control as well as increase efficiency.

    Only you can decide if it is worth the extra bucks. 2 Speed would be my choice in a heartbeat, especially since you have already committed to springing for geo.

    Be certain your geo installer knows what they are doing. Geo can be tricky, especially the water loop

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    Take a look at the ClimateMaster line. We use them in Southern Ohio with no problems thru 7 years now.

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