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    I couple of years ago, we had an variable spped, 2-stage American Standard Freedom 90 Comfort-R, model # AUY100R9V4W2 furnace installed into our 1904 Four square home. At that time, the installer installed a standard Honeywell T8424 non-programmable thermostat. Since that time, we have been wishing we had purchased a programable thermostat, so that we could set it to turn up or down at night or have it set at different temperatures for different days of the week.I presently have the opportunity to purchase a Honeywell T8624D thermostat, which is advertised as a
    "7 Day Programmable Chronotherm® IV Plus Thermostat with automatic/manual changeover, 2 Heat/2 Cool stages and R,C,B,W1,W2,Y1,Y2,G,O,RC,OT,OT terminals for conventional multistage systems."

    Will this thermostat work with the system we have? If so is it a good thermostat or are there other thermostats out there that you would recommend over this one? Thanks in advance for your replys, SD1111

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    Looks right to me, should be a good stat. Turn power off to the furnace before trying to change the stats. It is low voltage but wires touching could do damage as could improper wiring.

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    I thought the 8600 series was being obsoleted.

    Its an ok stat.

    The th8320 is better.
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    good stat now you will be able to use the propper 2 stage set up.

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