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    Piping and Oil trap question

    Hey guys,

    Still waiting on my pro-membership status, otherwise I'm pretty sure the answer to this question would be found in one of the many educational forums.

    Pretty simple, and I kind of feel silly for asking, but I can't find any resources anywhere that can explain why in hvac (or high temp applications, at least the ones I've worked on as a green-nosed rookie) there doesn't seem to be any kind of emphasis on trapping lines......

    We all know the importance of having oil traps (or reverse oil traps) in medium and low temp applications, especially when dealing with large risers, etc.
    but why is it not a concern in high temp (a/c)?

    Obviously I haven't even come close to seeing as much equipment as many of you out there, but I've seen a fair share of hvac and never the once a trapped suction line.........Can't wait to get some links to info on this as well as to hear everyone's thoughts!
    Thanks in advance!

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    Lower suction temps makes the oil thicker. Also the varied load of most refer systems varies the velocity of the returning gas greatly, contributing to poor oil return. Most a/c systems operate w/ constant load and high velocity flow so normally trapping is not required. Always size lines to manufacturer specs for best results.

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