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Thread: Coil frosting

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    Coil frosting

    just want to run something by you guys, i have a unit that was engineered incorrectly, as my Air handler can only produce half the required CFM for the A/C, after a while my unit starts to frost up after the txv, was wondering if anyone has ever used a hot gas bypass to assist with this or if they have any other recommendations. A/C condenser and coil are only 3 years old. Air Handler is about 60 and would require a total Reno of building to remove it.

    Thanks for your time

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    That may work, but it would be inefficient and there would be a capacity loss.

    Can you speed up the blower to get more cfm? Regardless of age, it still should have been sized for around 400 cfm per ton.
    Bob Boan

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    As bobboan said you can look into speeding up the blower. Things to look into before doing any work: How many rpms is the blower wheel rated for? How much air can my ducts handle without bursting? Can my return handle the amount of air required?

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