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    Amana AMVM96 and ASX16

    Hi need to understand, if both of this units can be installed with a Honeywell thermostat capable for 2-stage operations.

    I want to ensure that the furnace operates as a Modulating Furnace adn the AC as a 2 Stage AC.

    Currently the Thermostat used is the CTK002 communicating thermostat and the AC runs as a single stage. The contract says the A/C is not compatible with the communicating thermostat. However i am not sure if by change the thermostat to anothere one i will get both the Modulation Furnace and 2-stage AC.

    I was under the impression that the AMVM is modulating only with the CTKxxx series thermostats.

    Appreciate if anyone can shed some light

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    something's wrong. amana makes an ASXC16 Air Conditioner which is 2 stage and comfortnet compatible, and they have an DSXC16 Distinctions™ Air Conditioner also 2 stage and comfortnet compatible, lastly they have an SSX16 Distinctions™ Air Conditioner which is only single stage and not comfortnet. which do you have?
    if you have only the ssx16 then reguardless of whatever thermostat that you use, you'll only have single stage a/c
    if you install the honeywell stat, the furnace becomes a 3 stage furnace ( does not modulate)

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    I have SECtion

    there was a confusion, I had asked the contractor for a ASXC16 but did not realize that in the contract he write Asx16.....until after the install now when I am having issues. Now the contractor wants more money to put a asxC16 , which I ofcourse I don't want to, but want to steady ensure they are working as designed that is 2 stage and modulating. Currently they are connected to the ctk002 thermostats and it shows the furnace as a communicating modulating furnace but the AC as a non communicating SINGLE stage.

    As from the manual ASX16 can be connected to any 2 stage thermostat. So that is ok, what I am not sure is does the AMVM modulating furnace work as a modulating function with any thermostat other than the ctk002 which I have currently.

    my main concern is to have a 2 stage AC and a modulating furnace, can this be done with the 2 units I have I.e ASX16 and AMVM.

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    Sorry I ment ASX16

    auto spell check changes it to SECtion

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