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Thread: I DID IT!

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    Just wanted to let my fellow brothers(and sisters) in the trade know about my recent success. Despite overwhelming odds in Vegas, and loads of horror stories, I passed my Arkansas Class B yesterday. It was to be my first and last attempt, and a confirmation from above, as to whether or not I was to be in this trade. Glad I passed, as I have no idea what else I would even consider doing for the rest of my days. I'll say this: The test is difficult, and I now see why it has a 76% fail rate. Of the 50 questions on the test, I answered 3 with 100% certainty, about 15 with a degree of doubt, and the rest required consultation of my code books. The test has a 3 hour time limit, and for good cause. I took it down to the wire! I had a really bad feeling hit me on question 15, when I realized over an hour had past already. But all is well, and I can go play in my home state legally. There were a bunch of questions that I felt didn't even pertain to residential, or even light commercial for that matter. Go figure. I want to go for the Class A in the near future, not because I need it, but because I would enjoy the challenge! Thanks to all those who were backing me, as the support was certainly a tremendous help.

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    Congradulations nathen, good luck in your hvac future.
    Mine`s winding down,37 years in it & 6 more to go,if i live long enough.BIGBIRD

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    Thanks Bigbird, and congrats on your 37 years. Nice to hear from a trade Veteran, and encouragement is always a good thing. Don't just shoot for 6 more years, God willing, you could still be at it for another 37. Once again, many thanks!

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