I'm not a member of any liberal or green movement, and everything in post 25 is a result of what I have read in science/nature related publications, my own thoughts, observations, and opinions. When you infer that I'm immature and unwise and say that I am "parroting the line", I think you're actually just projecting what you see in yourself onto me, because you're drinking from the same stream that all the rest of these right wing morons drink from and don't actually care to know anything about the science of it. Most of it flies in the face of what your overlords are programming you to say. It has nothing to do with politics or economics, it's about science, and the relationship between humanity and nature.

What it is NOT about is subsidizing private business in any way shape or form, or enacting legislation that means you have to buy a certain kind of light bulb, or drive a certain kind of car. That's where everyone is wrong. It's simply about being logical, sensible, and responsible. You guys act like they're going to revoke your "conservative card" if you admit that there might be a correlation between 6 billion people on earth and exponentially increasing levels of CO2 in the atmosphere and glacial melts.