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    Degree vs. Certifications

    Hello All

    For about 3yrs I've done side contractor work with a friend and I've never received any certifications or degrees. I've recently moved out of state and would like to pick up doing some commercial HVAC work. What would be my best bet if I wanted to work for a company for a few yrs and branch out on my own full time. Do I get your basic community college certification or a degree?

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    When I see stuff like that I assume that the certification class teaches you how to pass the test while the degree implies that you've studied theory and a lot more and understand why the code is the way it is. The time and money investments are very different as well.

    If you're looking to improve yourself, I'd recommend the degree. If you're comfortable with your knowledge and are just looking to show that you can do it, the certification is fine.

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    I'm currently working towards my Cert., After completing the Certs. I will then move on to my Degree in HVAC, the only thing i would need to take is my Core (Math, science, etc) to complete the Degree.

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