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    Here are some threads where we were discussing the flash media/site problem.

    Flash Media

    Explorer Crashing

    Report Abuse

    Well, I was one of the unlucky ones to be having problems with the ads crashing my IE program. Members were posting that this was caused by having an outdated flash program (version was installed).

    I was having problems getting the new version of flash downloaded and installed correctly on my computer. Finally, I got the flash program installed (version 9,0,16,0) and verified that it was installed by clicking this link from one of the previous threads.

    Now the ads no longer crash my IE, however, the top banner will sometimes load and at other times it will sit there and try to load for hours (yes hours).

    This just happened and this time I actually received an error message.

    This would happen when the site was owned by BC. Whenever it happened I would e-mail them stating the site was running slow and the ads were messing up again. Shortly thereafter the site would speed up and the ad-loading problem would disappear.

    My questions are:

    How many people are experiencing this problem?

    More importantly, does anyone know of a resolution to this on-going problem?

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    I have had no problems with IE in winXP fully updated.
    I also run zonealarm google popup stopper I don't see any adds - The best tool bags on the market - The offical tool bag of choice by techs everywhere

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    I was having the same problem with the top banner not loading (no error message though). If I turn off my pop up blocker the banner loads normally.

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    Got an Apple?

    I got a Mac, so no crashing here! :-)

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    Resolution, stop using IE

    Firefox plus the Adblock and Remove it Permenantly extentions will give you the site the way it should be, without all the flash ads and sidebar

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    No problems here.

    I use netscape and I guess my flashmedia's up to date since I use it for my music stuff as well.
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    The report abuse button has been fixed... see the gmail account.

    The rest... don't know... mine works fine on all of my 'puters

    There still is an issue with pro applications.... the info is taken, a reg number given but it doesn't change the membership standing... They have this info and will get to it, they said...

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    Originally posted by Lusker
    The report abuse button has been fixed... see the gmail account.
    I know the "report abuse" feature is operational.

    The reason I included that thread in my original post is because it has several things pertaining to the ads locking up IE.

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    There's ads on this site?

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    I haven't had any problems with it locking up or anything. I use aol and have all the normal blockers and such. The ads run along the side which I normally don't see due to screen sizing and the banner on top isn't even noticed anymore. The only problem I had was the e-mail notification in which helped me fix with gmail. Even though that is a pain in the arse, i log into my aol account and then I have to log into an extra email account.

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    Wow. this thread is bigger than my computer can handle.

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    Originally posted by benncool
    Wow. this thread is bigger than my computer can handle.
    That's because LK didn't resize his photo.

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