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Well... If the USA has the largest military by a HUGE margin (as in we could almost take on the whole world at the same time and stand our ground)... well let someone else send a drone over us... and see what happens to the drone.
It is a dog-eat-dog world when it comes to countries trying to control other countries... no easy way to assert one-self other than to have the bigger stick.

Now It seems to me if the USA wants to be SAFE... we need a govt with a STRONG attitude about "Dont mess with America'...
Softies (like the current administration that bows to Muslims)... are the laughing stock of the world... why would one not take pot-shots at America.
OTOH: Put a hard nozed Texan in there who noes not put up with ANY crap out of any tin-horn dictator... and the USA will be free and safe.

Which USA do folks want to live in... one that is afraid and in danger... or one that is strong and free? PS: do not just give me an answer... vote your answer...

Of course having a military as strong as we do it tends to become a threat to it's own nations, as taught by our founders when they tried to prevent this nation from having a standing army.

Do you want the USA with that is strong, but you're still afraid and in danger, from your own government? We are almost there.