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    there may be a problem

    got called to give a second opinion on this antique split system, the boss knows that I like taking things apart. Carrier 5H80 2 circuit split system was the first air conditioned building in the area. Both compressors were changed in 06 and converted to R22, we haven't figured out how but the unit was ran for 5 hours without oil. So we didn't even try to start it just recovered #2 compressor, 140lbs and 6 hours later, we started draining the oil sump. Everything looked good, so we pulled a head and spun the the motor by hand (open drive) pistons looked good valves were intact. Pulled inspection plate and found plenty of oil and a handful of twisted metal and fine mesh sreen.
    from the parts blow up it looks like an oil separtor. I wanted to rebuild it on site but we are short handed
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    I ran 2 5H80 direct drive on a chilled water system. The motors were 100 HP.
    They are pretty rugged. I would advise exchange from a competent rebuilder. Allied in Florida is quite good for this model.The control panel looks shy of necessary controls depending on how the system is being run. Having the unloaders working is usually for the best.
    I also formerly serviced a smaller 5H series which ran an R-12 AC system. They can seemingly run forever.

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