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    harmon 300i insert?

    I have limited knowledge when it comes to wood units and we just bought a huge house with a brick fireplace/mantel. It basically is a wide opening with a rack in the bottom to stack the wood on.

    I understand that a wood insert would make buring wood much more safe and efficient. Anybody have experience with the Harmon 300i?? Looks like a great unit and I can open it for the "real" experience of buring wood on occasion. But, I see stoves on-line for much cheaper, is there a better model/brand that I should be looking at?

    I do prefer to spend the money one time on quality equipment.

    any feedback would be great!!

    thanks guys.

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    Harman is one of the best brands in both design and quality. Generally, with stoves, you get what you pay for.

    In the case with a wood insert, you'll need an NFPA 211- Level II inspection first, which will guide you in what you can install and what it will take but plan on installing a listed insulated stainless steel liner at minimum and possibly floor and mantel protection as well.

    If you have a problem with a stove purchased from an online source, who are you going to contact for service or tech support. Also be aware many brands will void their warranties if the stove is sold over the Internet or not through one of their dealers.


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    Hearthman -

    I understand fully on the "you get what you pay for" and would prefer to spend more on the front end to have less issues down the line.

    Thanks for the reply. I am trying to post a couple pics of the existing for guidance.

    The house has a block/brick chimney up the exterior with a ceramic tile liner. And the added stainless liner. Would we still need the insulated liner? Does the insulation prevent condensation or is it spec 'ed for another reason?

    When looking at the pics - does the Harmon seem like the correct choice? Or is their another alternative.
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    The 300i is a very nice unit. I would not recommend buying a unit online, because you wont have anyone to service it should you have a problem. if you do buy online just make sure it is UL listed. whether or not you have to line and insulate the liner is based on the condition of your chimney.
    Most likely you will have cracked clay liners and it will not pass a level 2 inspection. in which case you will need it lined and insulated. Also some liner company's require their liner insulated regardless of your chimney.

    If your chimney does pass a level 2 inspection then you "can" run a non insulated liner providing your manufacturer of the stove and liner both state that you can run the liner without insulation. so there are a lot of variables.

    With that said I would recommend a insulated liner regardless. of your chimney condition and manufacturer specs. A insulated liner will have the best draft and the insulation will help(note I said help, don't burn junk wood!) keep creosote from building up in the liner, and your liner will stay cleaner overall through the heating season.

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    Edbrown, I just want to point out that actually seeing what your buying would make a tremendous difference than an online video/photo. In most cases you'll tour a showroom with various inserts and meet with the owner and maybe the technician that will be doing the install/service if you decide to go forward. Better to ask away then and get the information to better suit your needs and again answer some questions you may have and or find something out your don't know like the above mentioned variables darthvader was mentioning. One thing I do know is that all the customers that I have came across that have the wood stove inserts love them and after spending the last couple weeks servicing them its been a real joy to get customers feedback on good quality products.

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