Hi guys. I've got a York YRWDWAT2-46A that is having some issues with loading up. What happens is this- the chiller starts up and runs, starts to pull down, and once it starts to get a handle on the load and after the pulldown timer expires it starts to load up to 90% as it should. The problem comes in as it sits at 90% (it's programmed current limit) it will creep up to 105% then backs its self down by unloading, due to hitting the 105%, back down to 90% then it repeats. I was watching the compressor screen (Optiview) and the sofware isn't calling for it to load beyond 90%, so I thought it may be the capacity control leaking. I attempted to stop it by closing off the load side valve and it continued to load. Tried closing off the common port and still the same thing. For certinty I disconnected the load coil and saw the same result. I am thinking that there is in internal issue with the comp and that perhaps the slide valve piston seal is leaking or the slide valve shaft seal. What do you guys think? Is there anything else that I may be missing or could try? If it is the slide valve seals, is this something repair parts can be aquired? Thanks for the help.