After my first call it started to rain a bit but looked like it would clear up.

So I decided to kill a little time and get some gas and throw three filters and a small piece of insulation away.

So as I'm pumping the gas I walk the filters to their dumpster, smile and say hi to one of the clerks smoking, and toss the trash.

Pay $55 dollars for gas and 75 cents for a donut and leave.

Parts manager calls and quizes me and I say yea I threw some stuff away. He say they are bent out of shape and will call the cops the next time I do that.

So I call the store manage and she calls me hateful. I tell her that she wont have to worry about me using her dumpster or her pumps again.

It isn't like I backed the truck up and filled her dumpster. This is one of the two gas stations that the people without a gas card can fill up their tanks. We spend some serious cash there. I'll be filling at the gas station down the street for now on.