Didnt mean to sound offensive. With float switch in pan and condensate pump float switch you are looking at 3 wire nuts, 24 volts hot from transformer to one side of switch(1),other side of that switch to second switch(2), through second switch to t-stat(3), then all you got is compressor(4), heat(5),fan(6), and common(7), so depending on whatever else you have going on it shouldn't be much more than that. Even with the fact that older people are more sensitive to temperature swings, it is still hard to imagine that someone is noticing a difference early in the morning, summertime, when the temp difference between inside and outside is minimal. He says the air feels warm at this time. There is no way the t-stat will let you make a w and y signal at the sametime, so I would think you can rule out the compressor and electric heat running at the same time. It sounds to me like the stat is satisfying and fan relay is sticking or he has fan setting to on. Only been doing service work for short period of time but these kind of problems are the worst to try and deal with because you obviously can't be there to witness the situation.