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    Question Walkin using Mp89

    Hi all,
    I am an owner of a restaurant and have a great working relationship with my new HVAC guy who just graduated from HVAC school. I am knowledgeable with HVAC as I live in a very remote area and have a lot of older equipment. So here is my question to the pro's, My walking had a slow leak, I tightened all the connections, and before it was loosing about 5-7 oz a year, now i have to recharge about 6oz every 2 to 3 years. It is in need of some juice, but it is MP 89 (Which is R401A?), and my guy doesn't have any. We have been looking around together to buy some, but I am the only guy locally that has use of it and we can only buy a large bottle. Is there anywhere to buy a 12oz or 10oz bottle of MP 89 or 401A if it will work? Or should I think about converting the unit over? I am pretty sure it was an R22 unit that was converted over to mp89 a long while ago.

    Hope this is posted in the correct place....


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    I thought 401A was MP39, and that was a replacement for R12? Either way, you cannot buy it in small quantities.

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    Ok that's what I thought.....


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