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    I drifted over from the automotive world and am in need of some help. I have a flow bench designed for pressure flowing up to 3000acfm at 5gpsi at 200f. Can someone give me the ac requirements to drop the temp to 70f in a single pass? I can't recirculate the air. I realize the evaporator would have to be in a sealed case.
    Doug W
    EFI Systems Inc.

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    CFMx1.08xDT *(1/12,000)= TONS

    35 Tons

    This is not corrected for 5 psi g. It is late and I am feeling helpful and lazy at the same time.

    For an off the shelf part this would be similar to a compressed air dryer system.

    This also doesn't account for any moisture removal. This and the psi correction will increase the tonnage.

    This just gives you an order of magnitude.

    If you are looking for some application assitance, I work with an outfit that builds this stuff all the time.

    SEECO- Bob Timmins - 818-502-2647.

    Buenos Noches.

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    Thanks I new it was big we are trying to decide on an AC system or water chiller/aftercooler.
    Doug W

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