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    Average House next door to my shop never a prob with the neighbors for previous yrs was bought by a new owner 18 mo ago. Since then we are on the 3rd group of meth heads and always with 5 (8 once)dirty kids running a muk. Around my shop now If it's glass including a truck window, security light ect it don't matter, it gets BB gunned. Foot traffic in and out of that place constantly.But then thats better than when a couple guys attempted to drive through the shop lot to the back of the rental house to be less seen.

    OK easy going Frank is pissed enough now.

    I never could figure why the property owner who is a picky homeowner/business guy himself lets 2 family's live in a small house till yesterday. He's getting 3 times the going rate total for his property.

    Is it my fault that a friend County Detective that works for a Sheriff that served on my board when I was a Rotary Club president, seem to take a person interest in my neighbor and search the house, garage, property and even the garbage??

    End result that bunch is moving. The word now is a guy will be moving in that was busted several yrs ago for stealing money from a medical fund raising acct to save his infant twin buy crack.

    "The Bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten"

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    Why does the slumlord like leasing to criminals? He
    must have criminals in the family.

    That sucks man!, I would always be worried about someone busting in my shop to steal sheit so they can buy their fix.

    Good luck to you!
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