This nightmare is just getting worse..took a closer look at the return box yesterday morning... Spent yesterday afternoon and this morning trying to seal box better... Crappy crappy work! Holes everywhere for attic air to get into house... Sealed it up with some metal flex duct tape from home depot on the inside and outside.... Drenched the inside with mastic sealant afterwards... Got the outside sealed up with just tape... I guess next step is spreading on with mastic. Called the guy who did the work and he said he barely made any money. I only put the other return because that is what the first indoor air quality guy said he was going to do. So i went with this guy who was referred to me by my brother in law. I know many of you have said to just do the manual j or go with whole house dehumidifer. The guy i let do the extra return did a whole system on my brother in laws house and his house is 47%-53% all the time. The guy who did my return and my brother in laws house said my ac was the proper size.... 1 ton per 500 square feet. But man... Dude it seems like everybody and every place in the world hAs good air.... Wal mart .... All of my family.... But my house is terrible. This sucks!