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    Originally posted by smokin68
    Originally posted by mrbillpro
    Originally posted by thoglow
    I saw Payson's post about A/C stings in Phoenix.I will call the news station in my area and see if they would do something.
    Stings do nothing for "any" of us but hurt this whole industry
    by making all of us look like crooks so if you do that it will only hurt you, unless during the sting they make sure they post a big sign up to call thoglow because he is a honest guy.

    I agree. The last thing you want to do is have a negative perception of the HVAC business as a whole broadcast to customers in your area. A customer doesn't know if you're honest or not, that's why word of mouth is important. But shining a negative light(sting) on HVAC does noone in this industry any good. JMO.
    I agree as well.

    Perception is everything.

    I'm a newbie and I've been in this field for just over two months now, and already I've noticed a few customers on my maintenance calls that have a suspicious vibe about them, like they're expecting any minute for me to try and snow-job them.

    It pays to be ethical and honest and it's a shame that a few bad apples can spoil the bunch.

    Concerning the heat, I work in the Sacramento area and it broke a record with 11 straight days of triple digit heat.
    I've been in these attics and I'm glad to say I've!

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    Originally posted by bigbird
    GLOBEL WARMING???? We would`t have globel warming if these homeowners would stop putting in ponds in their backyard.
    I actually lowered the temp in Pa by 2 degrees after putting my pond in, so there.
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