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    JCI Wireless


    I have an application which requires me to use 5 wireless stats (WRZ Series).

    What I'm trying to figure out, can you use the ZFR 1810 coordinator with a FEC or can this only work with a NCE.

    The FEC or NCE will control a basic RTU and have local sensors etc wired into the controller. The room area stats is what I need to be wireless.

    We wanted to go with the FEC - but can't find any documenation on this.

    Thanks for any insight with this

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    I would suggest using the NCE if you are not too familiar with JCI controllers just for the fact that it will be easier to set up your ZFR for the sensors, but it could be done with the FEC. The pain with just using the FEC would be setting the P2P for the sensors.

    I have a ZFR here that I haven't gotten around to fiddling around with just yet, but I have a pretty good grasp of the basic concept.

    You should be able to find the documentation you are looking for here:

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    Thanks - maybe I don't understand something here.

    From what I read, you need to have one ZFR1811 Repeater per WRZ sensor. Then one ZFR1810 Coordinator. So I would need 5 repeaters for the 5 sensors, and one coordinator - to either a FEC or NCE. If this is correct, the other option would be to use a WRS Many-to-one receiver with the NCE.

    What would be the best situation


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    If you do not have or need any kind of supervisory controller (no NAE), then I would suggest the One-to-One Wireless Sensing System. You take a regular FEC controller. Then, connect a WRZ7850 Wireless Receiver to that FEC's SA bus. Then you can associate up to 5 wireless WRZ sensors to that one controller.

    You would not need the ZFR1810 Coordinator nor the ZFR1811 Router.

    Its on the JCI QuickLit site. Look under One-to-One Wireless

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    "maybe I don't understand something here" you'd be correct....

    Basically you'll need a ZFR1810 a wireless/FEC and 5 wrz sensors. You may need a repeater depending on your distances.

    You can do one-to-one or mesh I would recommend mesh as its easier to expand later if you want.

    All you need to do is..
    -set all of your pan offsets to the same number
    -set your sensors to have the same address as your FEC
    -make sure the dip for 128 on the FEC is set to ON that's needed to enable wireless
    -set the zone settings on the WRZ to 199-203
    -in CCT setup your five inputs as SAB
    -go to define hardware and add device in the "SAB bus device", select SAB zone net sensor then check the boxes for five zone sensors. If you check "zone" - "zone 4" it will default the zone addresses to 199-203.
    -finish up the define hardware wizard and your done.

    Also FYI stay away from the temp/rh with display model. They have an issue were they go offline for about 20secs randomly Johnson hasn't come up with a fix as of yet.

    I'm pretty familiar with the jci wireless stuff. Shoot me an email if you need some help.

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    I have a customer who is having issues every couple weeks where the zone setpoint on the WRZ goes back to 70 degrees
    Do you know if thats the default setpoint when you cycle power on the WRZ?
    If yes then i assume i'm having the problem that you refrenced about the WRZ shutting off for 20 seconds then turning back on (it has a display but no RH).
    What do you think?

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