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    I'm looking into putting myself through a local tech school for HVAC. It is a 36 week class, covering multiple topics. Now I have been working in the HVAC industry at the HQ of the Biblical Research Ministry that I am a part of. This is a large campus, and I'm working on residential and comercial equipment, so I have a good amount of experiencal knowledge under my belt. I however have very little formal education. The orginazition I work for has sent me to a couple of seminars, which allowed me to get my 608 certification, and are sending me to a HVAC Electricity class in a few months. What I want to know is would it be worth if for me to invest money into a tech school? Is apprentiship better? Would tech school help if I were to go into an apprentiship program in the (most likely distant) future?

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    Invest on a associate degree first is cheaper in a community college, then go for a bachelor at the technical institute, apprenticeships are worthless same as supply houses or manufactures training.

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