I hope this post is okay. I checked the rules and didn't see anything against it, unless you consider this to be advertising.

With all the talk about equipment vendors not being responsive to reports of problems, it was a breath of fresh air to deal with Industrial Control Communications today. We recently bought one of their XLTR-1000 devices to interface a big Sullair air compressor into our Tridium based Building Management System. The Sullair side uses their own RS-485 interface, and we needed to get the data from there to the Modbus (RS-485) interface on our Tridium system.

Basically, the device has an internal database in which you map data into it from both sides/protocols of the interface. Pretty slick. Anyways, I needed to know if the air compressor was in "remote start/stop" mode, or local control. The Sullair document showed that the information was available, but for some reason the XLTR wasn't providing the information to the database.

I contacted ICC tech support via their website and they got back to me in about an hour via email. They saw that there was a problem and they said they could make a firmware change to provide me the information that I needed. To my suprise, the had the firmware change made in about three hours!

I went to upgrade the firmware and ran into a problem, but they again contacted me and gave me directions to fix the problem. I got the new firmware installed and after testing, verified that it works correctly now.

So, bug report to updated firmware working in less than six hours. I was impressed!